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Let's get you some plant eye candy!

Come check out the latest wallpapers we are rocking on our iPhones! And YES, you can have them too!


Free wallpapers!

We love the fact that you love our shop and plants just as much as we do!
So we teamed up with Stills by Hernan to bring you some pretty dope photographs that we use as our personal phone wallpapers and now you can too!

You can check out more of his work below!
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Variegated Alocasia

or Alocasia Macrorrhiza Variegata, this gorgeous girl wasn't even in our shop before someone came in early and snatched her up! The colors on these are to die for! Click below to download!


Palm Grass

or Molineria Recurvata. This striking green and yellow shades of this palm is what makes it one of Robby's favorites. Fun fact, it blooms these insanely stunning yellow flowers! Download below!


crocodile Fern 

or the Microsorium musifolium‘Crocydyllus’ has become one of the shop favorites. We get these and they are gone within a few days of hitting the shop floor. What makes these beauts so stunning is the texture and length of these bad boys! Download below!